Thursday, October 23, 2014

My blood story

On a cold and dark day a little girl named Kelly  and her mother were going shopping.It was around 7:00 when all of a sudden a burst of coldness filled the air.The shopkeeper went to get some blankets because he wanted to make sure that the customers would still go to his shop.

While he was getting the blankets Kelly and her mother  were listening to the soothing whale moans on the radio.As you  see Kelly and her mother are not those people that listen to music because they believe that they will burn  your ears from the loudness.

They waited for a long time for the shopkeeper to come back so Kelly and her mum decided to go around the counter and in the back room.There were stacks of boxes in the way so Amanda Kelly's mum pushed the boxes out of the way.

The  shopkeeper was lying down on his beanbag with the blankets on him so Amanda took the blanket off him and said it that you are not a really good owner keeping yourself warm instead of the customers. so she yanked the blanket off,  but when she took the blanket .

There was blood was splattered everywhere.She told Kelly not to look but she just couldn't help herself. Amanda yanked Kelly's arm and pulled her back around the counter.

Amanda  went  to open the doors but they were locked. It got even colder than it was before,it was so cold that the air was turning to white.Kelly thought it was not possible cause  a]Amanda would never let her in cold rooms.Amanda  tried to think about how to stay warm but nothing came up.She kept thinking and thinking until a dark figure came towards her and Kelly. Then again lying there side by side is Amanda and Kelly.Dead on the floor but the thing is no one knew who killed them.People say it was the shopkeeper that killed them other people say there ghost still haunts the market which I believe but No one knew what happened but me.

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